Point to Point 2017


Cherrybrook Point to Point Sunday April 9th 2017


Dear Supporter, Helper or Official at the Spooners & West Dartmoor Point to Point,

A warm sunny day with huge crowds; a double for Jo Buck (both greys!). A first ride in a point to point for Henry Bailey (the Master) in the Hunt Race and unfortunately a fall after completing one circuit.

Race 1.  The Condy Mathias Hunt Race

1.  Dicky Bob                   Miss J. Buck
2.  Skylander                   Miss. T. Eyston

4 Ran     Dist. 5l;              Time 6m.08s        Bto  Sean Airgead

Race 2.  The Subaru Restricted Race

1. Little Billy Boy               Mr. M. Hampton
2. Samuel Jackson             Mr. S. Houlihan
3. Steel Brush                    Mr. J. Newman

11 Ran    Dist. nk; 1 1/2l;   Time 6m.18s

Race 3.  The Langdon Transport Mixed Open

1.  Jepeck                           Mr. J. Thomas
2.  Iron Chancellor              Mr. L. Drowne
3.  Whenharrymetsally        Mr. M. Hampton

5 Ran    Dist. 2 1/2l; 4l;       Time 6m.12s               Bto Whenharrymetsally

Race 4.  The Rock Inn Confined Hunts Race

1.  Its All or Nothing            Miss. J. Buck
2.  Rockinrolldixie                Mr.D. Edwards
3.  Beuvron                         Miss. H. Welch

13 Ran   Dist. 3l; 15l;          Time 6m.11s               Bto Its All or Nothing

Race 5.  The Exeter Racecourse Intermediate Race

1.  Excitable Island              Miss. G. Andrews
2.  Inch Rock                       Mr. J. Newman
3.  Fourstar River                 Mr. M. Hampton

6 Ran    Dist. 1l; 20l;           Time 6m.10s               Bto High Priority

Race 6.  The Tyremarks Open Maiden Race

1.  Mr. Washington               Mr. S. Houlihan
2.  Carrignagapple                Mr. D. Edwards
3.  Wind Tor                         Mr. P. John

14 Ran    Dist. nk; 10l;         Time 6m.20s              Bto  Waitnc

It was great to so many people come through the gate to witness such good racing with winners coming from both locally owned &trained horses - Dicky Bob & Its All or Nothing.

Please forgive this ‘round robin’ letter which I am emailing wherever possible, I want to thank you very much once again for all your contributions to our successful Point to Point on Sunday 9th April.

It takes some 100 officials and volunteer helpers, both beforehand, on the day and after the event to put everything away, whether you helped, cutting birch, re building fences, harrow the ground, provided goodies for the hospitality, jump judged, manned the crossing points, took on a role in the declaration / secretary’s tent, dealt with weighing and sorting out excitable jockeys, and of course owners and trainers!, sold race cards, ensured the number board was right (not the most user friendly beast), made sure the paddock was organised, filled the buckets of water, went out and encouraged sponsors to part with their cash (a job well done), gathered the monies(a lot to do this year), battled through the entries, dealt with lorries and the drivers that know best!, made sure everyone paid on the way in and parked in the right place, drove a truck taking people out on the course, caught loose horses, opened and closed gates, handed out number cloths and armbands, acted as a messenger/runner, ensured refreshments were always available for everyone……whatever your role,  we could not do it without out you!

We are confident that as we bring the figures together this week, we will have raised a very useful amount of money for the benefit of the Spooners hunt.  However, organising a Point to Point is also about providing good, safe and well run racing for those in the industry, and about giving visitors a good experience and an enjoyable day out too.  Here the Spooners do so well – and there has been a great deal of positive feedback from those who came along to race or for a day out.  Racing Officials from the regional and national bodies were also happy and that speaks volumes for the professionalism of our course team and officials such as our Doctors, Vets and Stewards.

Having said all the above, if you do have some suggestions about how we might do things differently in any way, or if you have comments, please email or call one of and we will ensure they are recorded in our follow-up meeting with the Point to Point Committee members.

So thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

Kind regards


Spooners Point to Point Secretary


Race Sponsors: 


Race 1 - The Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt, Subscribers & Farmers Race - Sponsored by Condy Mathias
Race 2 - The Restricted Race - Sponsored by 'Subaru
Race 3 - The Mixed Open - Sponsored by Langdon Transport
Hound Parade
Race 4 - The Confined Race - Sponsored by The Rock Inn
Race 5 - The Intermediate Race - Sponsoresd by Exeter Race Course
Race 6 - The Open Maiden Race - Sponsored by Tyre Marks  

Course Sponsors:


Fence 1 – Taylors Moorview Service Station

Fence 2 - Tavistock Bathrooms and Tiles

Fence 3 – Royal Oak Meavy

Fence 4 – Unique Kitchens by HIM

Fence 5 – Heltor Fuels

Fence 6 – Rose Cottage B & B

Last Fence – Arundell Arms Lifton

Finish line – Goodman King Solicitors



Write up in the Tavistock Times.......



HORSE racing grabbed the attention of the nation with the Grand National at Aintree last Saturday — but the gaze of local racing enthusiasts turned to the Cherrybrook point-to-point races organised by Spooners and West Dartmoor Foxhounds on Sunday, April 9.

The six races kicked off with the Condy Mathias Hunt Race, which was won by Dicky Bob. Trained by Walkhampton’s Verity Nicholls, Dicky Bob won this race in 2016 and followed that up with a hunter chase win at Exeter.

The Subaru Restricted Race, which acts as a qualifier for the Restricted Point to Point Series Final in Stratford on Avon in June, was won by Little Billy Boy, ridden by Matt Hampton.

The day’s third race, the Langdon Transport Mixed Open, was won by the heavily fancied Jepeck from the Kayley Woollacott team. Under jockey Jamie Thomas, Jepeck won the winners only mixed open race in Buckfastleigh in February.

The confined hunts race, sponsored by The Rock Inn, was won by It’s All or Nothing, ridden by Jo Buck.

The fifth race, the Exeter Racecourse Intermediate Race, saw Essex-based entry Excitable Island power home for victory, while in the day’s last race, the Tyre Marks Open Maiden Race, the horse Mr Washington took victory in his first ever race.

Heather Parr, secretary of the Cherrybrook Point to Point event, said: ‘We had a tremendous turnout, helped by the fantastic weather on the day. We had good racing all day, and good to see a local horse win in the first race.

‘There were no injuries or anything like that — it really was a great day for racing.’